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2006 Security Watch - What is this year going to have in store for us

 2006 Security Watch - What is this year going to have in store for us?

2006 Security Watch - What is this year going to have in store for us

A lot is happening in the information security sector. 2006 promises to be an interesting year in this regard. Here are a few things to watch in 2006, some of them good and unfortunately some not.

First good news:

- We become many other serious things about us guard. There are many reasons for it. For example, new privacy laws require organizations to strengthen their security. Expect to see more consumer privacy laws passed next year and more stringent security measures.

- Research findings are increasing. This closes with a large storage space. Companies require multiple approvals to get a secure system (and that's bad news)

- There are a plethora of sophisticated programs to help us stay safe and they will continue to improve. The current competition is fierce in the security sector, which raises many innovations.

- ISPs are now taking responsibility for helping us with our security. Take the recent AOL campaign as a good sign that others will follow suit.

Now the bad news:

- Securing our network is expensive. Many companies also operate their offices all over the world and keep them expensive. It will get worse before it gets better.

- Research findings are increasing. It gets claustrophobic. Companies need more research to get secure systems (and this is good news). Unfortunately, for the end user, it's one more thing you're not happy about, like the security line at the airport.

- Runners are becoming more sophisticated. For example, botnets are becoming more complex and harder to catch and stop. Investigate botnets on the Internet. They cause a lot of trouble, but it doesn't stop there. The number of viruses and malware is frightening.

- Spammers continue to find more creative ways to fill our mailboxes. Don't expect this trend to stop anytime soon.

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