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How to Cook with a Wood Burning Stove


How to Cook with a Wood Burning Stove

How to cook wood cooker

Staves are not too long for people's fire. Now they were so beautiful thing to sit on a romantic given or just to rest. However, you can put your heater or wood or wood or wood or wood to be able to use more than warm at home and give an ambization. This is still a good way to cook. It is useful to lose the power of winter storm. So some tips for use fire burning or fireplace for winter cooking.

What you have to seal on fire / fireplace stove

You want to make sure you have the right tools for cooking on the stove or fireplace. Things you usually use in your kitchen can be bad. You want to see tall things. Try some of these basic storage:

• Baked forks

• Coppop-Bopper or Kinsnut Boysters - Have a wire caught that you use to keep baking in charcoal

• pie iron for a barbecue sandwich

• Dutch oven - go on cast iron in one in heat distribution to heat. It will hang over the fire and cook

• Cast iron tripod - helps control the amount of heat your Dutch oven absorbs

• Aluminium foil

• Finishes

• Fireplace shovel

• Pot holders

These are all very useful tools if you want to cook on a stove or stove this winter.

Assessment of fire before cooking

Knowing when the fire is ready seems easy, but it's not like cooking coal outside. The fire should burn for about 30-45 minutes.

The fire in its early stages is unpredictable due to the temperature. With all the blazing flames and burning coals, this is not the best fire for cooking. You can burn the food or leave the parts uncooked.

When the flames go out and you have a nice bed of charcoal, you have the perfect temperature for cooking with a wood stove or fireplace.

Now you can listen to the charcoal and spread it out to create a pleasant cooking mix. If you place charcoal on the lid of your Dutch oven, cooking will speed up. Take it from all directions. Remember that you have to continue fire by fire to burn it.

Cooking in bootes box blocking foois

You can white potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions and apples in your wooden stove. Double packing in aluminum foil and set the box to the right of charcoal. How many color surfaces and close the box. Let cook and then turn half an hour. If one area of ​​your box is warmer than another, move things so they have time to consume all the heat.

Cooking in a wood stove

A Dutch oven is used here. You can use the stove in a wood stove as a slow cooker. Great for preparing goulash, soups, casseroles and goulash. Put all the ingredients in a Dutch oven and place on the discovered stove. Let go to the chef and then place Trive on the stove and move the Dutch oven above Trive. Place the cap over and cook Brothing and substances throughout the day.

Roast to take about 3-4 hours. Just check every time you walk and heat fire. Do the fire, just become again. If the food was cured, take it from truth and immediately warm up on the stove (nothing is detected) as you discovered the first. When heated, return it to the end.

This is how you can use wood and wooden fireplace chef - two birds cook with a stone heating your home while eating food. What is your favorite food cooked with a wooden burning stove or fireplace?

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