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eBay: The First 10 Years.


eBay The First 10 Years.

Yes, you read that right: ten years. EBay was created in September 1995 by a man named Pierre Omidyar, who lived in San Jose. He wanted his site - when it was called "AuctionWeb" - to be an online marketplace, and he wrote the first code for it in a week. It was one of the first sites of its kind in the world. The name 'eBay' comes from the domain that Omidyar uses for its sites. The name of his company is Echo Bay and 'eBay-auctionEWeb' is just one part of the Echo Bay website on eBay.com. The first item sold on site is a broken laser indicator of the Mrom that has $ 14 for.

The place can be easily more famous while sellers called all kinds of special things and buyers who buy them. It seems confidence seems to work well and means the site doesn't have to stay left on top of yourself. Place designed from the beginning to collect a small post of any sale, and this currency used by OMTIONWEB extend AuctionWeb. Payments are added to more than its current salary and that it decides to stop and work on full-time work. He currently added in 1996 that he added feedback to allow buyers and sellers to each other and sales and sales.

In 1997, AucicsVionar AucicsVionar has changed - and its business - name name name name name name name name names of people call for a long time. He started to spend a lot of money on advertising and logo is designed on eBay. This year, a million items are sold (this is a game that is a big bird of Sesame Street). Then, in 1998 - Dot-Como - eBay peak became the main enterprise and invest in internet companies in a time when it was in time to leadership managers and public stock market. It starts to encourage people to sell more than it collects and can be easily a big page where you can sell something, large or smaller. Unlike other sites, eBay was stored at the end of the boom and continues to continue.

1999 eBay is seen to go through the world, laid the site in the UK, Australia and Germany. Ebay bought half half, Amazon-Both Retailer online, in 2000 - in 2000, in 2000 and purchased Paypal, in 2002. Pierre Optangar has now earned an estimated $ 3 billion from Ebay and also served as Chairman of the President. Good enough, he loved a personal weblog at http://pierre.tpadpad.com. Now they are now the items of the literal environment and sells on eBay every day, worldwide. For every $ 100 online about the world, about $ 14 spent on eBay - it's a lot of laser cakes.

Now you know the history of eBay, maybe you want to know how to do it for you? Our next e-mail will give you the idea of ​​options.

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