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User india independence day speech class 1


User india independence day speech class 1

Good morning, everyone!

I am so excited to stand before all of you on this special day – India's Independence Day! Today, we celebrate the day when our great country, India, became free from the rule of the British.

Independence Day is a time of joy, pride, and unity. It is a day to remember the brave freedom fighters who fought for our country's freedom. They were like superheroes who loved India so much that they worked hard and sacrificed their lives for us.

Our national flag, the tricolor, is a symbol of our country's identity. The top part is saffron, which represents courage and sacrifice. The middle part is white, which symbolizes peace and truth. And the bottom part is green, which stands for prosperity and life. In the center, we have the Ashoka Chakra, which reminds us of the cycle of life and the importance of moving forward.

When we see our flag waving in the air, it fills our hearts with pride. It makes us feel that we are part of a big, loving family called India. We are all different – we speak different languages, have different cultures, and wear different clothes – but we are all Indians, and that's what makes our country so special.

As young children, we can also do many things to make our country better. We can study well and become knowledgeable because education is essential for progress. We can be kind to our friends and help them when they need it. We can

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