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india independence day speech class 1


india independence day speech class 1

Namaste everyone!

I am thrilled to be here with all of you on this special day – India's Independence Day! Today, we celebrate the day when our beloved country, India, became free from the rule of the British.

Independence Day is a time of joy, happiness, and love for our country. It's a day when we remember the brave heroes who fought for our freedom. They were like superheroes who worked so hard to make India independent and free.

Our national flag, the tricolor, is a symbol of our country's pride. The top part is saffron, which shows bravery and courage. The middle part is white, which represents truth and peace. And the bottom part is green, which stands for growth and prosperity. In the center, there is the Ashoka Chakra, which reminds us of the wheel of progress.

When we see our flag soaring high in the sky, it fills our hearts with pride. It makes us feel united as one big family, the Indian family. We may have different languages, cultures, and traditions, but we are all Indians, and that's what makes our country so special and beautiful.

As young children, we can also do our part to make our country even better. We can study hard and learn new things because education is the key to progress. We can be kind to our friends and help them whenever they need it. We can show love and respect to our parents, teachers, and elders.

Independence Day is not just a holiday for celebration; it is a day to remember our duties as responsible citizens. We should always work towards making India a happier and safer place for everyone.

Let's take a moment to thank all the brave soldiers who protect our country day and night. They are like our guardians, and we should be grateful for their sacrifice and dedication.

So, my dear friends, on this Independence Day, let's promise to be good citizens of India. Let's be proud of our country and always strive to make it even more beautiful. Together, we can make India shine like a bright star in the world.

I wish you all a happy and joyful Independence Day! Jai Hind!

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