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india independence day English short poem

india independence day English short poem


short English poem to celebrate India's Independence Day:

In the dawn of August skies, A nation's dream begins to rise, With courage and hope ablaze, India's journey, a historic phase.

Freedom's call, they could not deny, Through struggles, they reached for the sky, In unity, they stood tall and strong, A nation's spirit, forever long.

With tricolor flying high and wide, India's heart swells with joy and pride, A land of diversity and grace, A beacon of hope for the human race.

On this day, we come together, To cherish the past and dream of better, India, our beloved home, Forever free, forever we'll roam.

Happy Independence Day to all, In unity, we stand, stand tall, With love for our land, we say, Jai Hind! Happy Independence Day!

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