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india independence day English short poem

india independence day English short poem

short poem in English to celebrate India's Independence Day:

In the land of diverse hues, A nation's dream takes its cue, With courage, they broke free, India, the land of the brave and free.

On this day, we raise the tricolor high, A symbol of unity, soaring the sky, A nation's pride, a legacy so grand, In every heart, it firmly stands.

Through trials and strife, they fought, For freedom's cause, they never thought, With hearts ablaze, they marched ahead, For the dream of freedom, they bled.

Today we celebrate this sacred day, With joy and pride, we stand and say, India, our beloved motherland, With you, we'll walk hand in hand.

In every heart, the spirit rings, A melody of hope that forever sings, India, the land we adore, Happy Independence Day, forevermore!

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