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Adsense Alternatives

Adsense Alternatives

 Adsense Alternatives

Many people have started using Google's AdSense program, but there are some who find it a bit too uncertain or simply not suiting their own requirements from an ad program.

But luckily for these people, there are many other ways in which AdSense tries to address some of its weaknesses. Here is a list of the most famous of the lot with a description of each.

AllFeeds (http://www.allfeeds.com/?action=publishers)

AllFeeds has a large number of online advertisers to choose from. It also offers several display formats that you can choose from. These include banners, buttons, XML lists, DHTML popups, and more. It also provides real-time reports about your ad status. The site will send money every month, as long as you earn more than $25.00, while you roll over the money to the next month if you don't. Another good thing about AllFeeds is that it integrates with Google AdSense, thus increasing your AdSense revenue.

MarketBanker (http://www.marketbanker.com/mb/sell.php)

MarketBanker gives you the unique ability to set the price for your site. It also lets you allow or deny any links that appear on your site (although AdSense itself does a good job of this too, with URL filters). There is also a stats section that will allow you to see how well your site is performing. Those ads are smaller, like AdSense, and they're easier to set up. Additionally, registration for MarketBanker is free.

BidClix (http://www.bidclix.com/PubTop.html)

BidClix is ​​different because advertisers compete for clicks on your site, which in turn means generating the highest value for your page. It also has a large pool of advertisers which ensures that there are more people to choose your site. However, it requires more customization and site content than AdSense. Like most sites, real-time stats are available and it's easy to get started with this service, but it also changes a lot.

Chitika (http://www.realcontext.com/index.php?option=RealContext:+Contextual+Targeting+Engine)

RealContext uses artificial intelligence to retrieve the most relevant media for your page. And there are extras that also make RealContext special. Keywords are chosen based on previous choices that paid off and those that didn't. This means there is always a feedback loop that ensures you get the most bang for your buck from your ad. It supports blocking some add-ons and child filtering and many other options.

AdHearus (http://adhearus.com/webmaster.php)

AdHearus is a contextual advertising provider with great features. As with AdSense, the ads are targeted but it doesn't stop there at all. These ads are very flexible, you can choose from text ads, banners, rectangles, pop-ups, pop-unders or skyscrapers. You can also display your own ads, in turn, both on your site and on other sites, which makes AdHearus a hybrid with advertising technology. There is a comprehensive online reporting feature and, as usual with such services, getting started is free and open.

AffiliateSensor (http://www.affiliatesensor.com/)

AffiliateSensor has a highly customizable ad blocker, which you can create yourself using an easy-to-use interface. You also get instant news by clicking on categories, pages and translators. There is also a link to Google AdSense, via google_alternate_ad_url, so AffiliateSensor can be used as an alternative to Google AdSense.

Kanoodle Bright Ads (http://www.kanoodle.com/about/brightads.cool)

Kanoodle's offerings allow publishers to access ads related to a topic or segment, not traditional keyword-driven ads. This site connects publisher sites and advertisers hand in hand to ensure that advertising brings high revenue. Speaking of earnings, the amount you earn is a clear 50% portion of Kanoodle's revenue per advertiser.

TargetPoint (http://publisher.targetpoint.com)

TargetPoint's goal is for content publishers. It provides complete control over how ads appear, the overall scale and performance of your site, and the best revenue. Registration is free and you get 60% of the total amount agreed. You can be paid with Paypal or by bank check and (in most cases) by bank transfer.

Clicksor (http://www.clicksor.com)

Clicksor will earn you up to 60% of the revenue your website generates. What you earn is the same as AdSense, there are targeted text ads, you can see how much your website earns instantly. You can receive money via PayPal or by check every two weeks, as long as you have earned more than $50. If you haven't earned that much money yet, the money you earn is carried over to another time

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