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5 Must Have Questions In A Sales Letter - Must Know


5 Must Have Questions In A Sales Letter - Must Know

The secret behind the Sales Letter is finally revealed! If you want to know how they do it, you must know what they do.

People have put all kinds of sales pitches in their marketing letters, but sometimes they don't get the results they want. The importance of marketing letters is like having a store to sell cars. If the appearance of your store does not give a good impression, no one will buy your car.

So, you need to make sure that the marketing letter has answers to the most important questions and make your visitors interested in your product only with these five specific questions:

1. What is it for me?

The number of one law of the art of selling - people buy only for one reason, which is to get the product results, what they will get out of it. To achieve this, you need to be quick to grab their attention from the beginning with your topic. Create an engaging story and tell your visitors what they can get at once from your headline.

2. How can my life be better?

This is where you need to understand the emotions that attract your prospects like moths to a flame. Do they want to be richer, smarter, prettier, slimmer or more popular? Do they want to save time, money or effort?

Study your niche market until you know which emotional buttons to press and you will see a huge improvement in your sales immediately. Use their desire to attract each other, this is where you have to convince them and keep reading until the end.

3. Why should I trust you?

People are skeptical when it forces them to pull out their wallets to buy a product. You need to remove their doubts by providing positive testimonials from your past customers and showing the value of your product. If you don't have testimonials for your product, look for forums related to your niche and offer to submit one for free in exchange for testimonials - usually you will get a warm response in no time.

4. What happens if I say no?

You can't let them say no, that's all. Remind them of their problems, frustrations, how much money they have to lose, or how miserable their lives are right now - tell them how they can change them one step at a time, just one step at a time. less money on your product. 5. Should I stick to your product?

This is where you seal the deal. Tell them you offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and they deserve it now. The most important thing is to get them to buy, the rest depends on their choice. 70% of people who have bought a product will not return it unless they have seen something similar before or they just planned to borrow it from the beginning.

When you have all these key points to answer your prospect's questions in your marketing letter, not only will you gain an unfair advantage over your competition, but you'll also let your prospect know that you care about their problems and that you have the solution they need. .

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