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Make This $22,400 Faceless Channel & NEVER WORK AGAIN


Make This $22,400 Faceless Channel & NEVER WORK AGAIN

hey take a look at this channel right here making anywhere from 450 000 views

a day all the way to a million views each and every day you know they're

making around 170 dollars a day up to 245 dollars a day but let's check if

this is correct so let's say they're making 800 000 views every day and let's

say that they're making one dollar per thousand views that's around 800 dollars

a day that's around 5 600 per week and around 22.4 thousand

dollars every month now let's check if this is true because if we go up to

socialbrade right here it estimates that it's making anywhere from 3 000 per

month up to 54 000 per month so pretty much dead on in the center here and if

you want to make money like this i'm going to show you exactly how you can do

that right now

hey what is going on ladies and gentlemen today i'm going to show you

youtube without showing your face i'm going to show you niche number one niche

number two and niche number three and the crazy part is that we're gonna go

from the hardest for you to do to the medium for you to do and the easiest

youtube niche that you can do so this is like i said completely without showing

your face so if you want to leverage youtube as the best video platform out

there and make money so you can i don't know travel the world spend time with

your family and kids or just sit around watching game of thrones all day you can

do so and i also want to say that if you're looking to just do youtube shorts

well you really have to watch this video

because if you only go with youtube shorts you're not gonna make the most

amount of money but i'm gonna show you that so just stay tuned with me on this

one all right so the first niche that we're gonna talk about the hardest for

you to do is actually i like woodworking so they have 140 uploads and they're

getting 3 million views the last 30 days now since this is not youtube shorts we

can actually check the monthly earnings here and they're at least making

anywhere from three to

seven thousand dollars monthly earnings and they're hopefully making more in the

back end which i'm gonna show you a monetization strategy in a minute now

they're making around a hundred thousand views each and every day and the videos

that they're making is woodworking skills for restore broken furniture

amazing ingenious woodworker techniques woodworking skills and all of these

different stuff it's very simple although of course it is woodworking so

you have to have some sort of woodworking skills you all know that i

bet but this seems like something i would love to do and actually it's a

plan that i am going to make a woodworking channel or sort of like a

creative type channel in the future because that's what i love doing now let

me take you over to this other channel called blacktail studio and this is

getting 15 million views each and every

month you can see around 500 000 views

each and every day now this guy actually

does talk into the microphone the other

one channel here i like woodworking

they're never talking to the microphone

now the thing with this guy and the

reason that he's getting getting like a

million views on some of these is for

example four thousand dollars block of

wood so he's working with very expensive

woodworking and he's making tables and

art for other people now let me show you

the last woodworking projects here diy

woodworking projects they're getting

around 3 million views as well and yeah

they're pretty much doing the exact same

thing that this first channel was doing

they're never showing their face pretty

much and they're just doing super simple

you know crafts you can do this at home

if you got some tools and you can get

2.6 million views yeah that's right now

you might be wondering what would i sell

if i was this channel now one of the

clickbank products that has been selling

amazingly over i don't think it's like

three four years here on clickbank is

ted's woodworking so here you can see

that every time you sell this you're

going to make 57

so let's take a look at the sales page

what they are going to get is 16 000

wood plants yeah that's right so perfect

for anybody that wants to start

woodworking essentially imagine you can

make all of these woodworking projects

right here if you purchase this product

which again is perfect have a couple of

coronas in the middle of the table

sounds pretty good right now maybe get

four kids so you can build this four kid

bunk bed that they're definitely not

gonna grow out of when they're older so

this is the hard niche and the niche is

obviously woodworking now the system is

really to find a woodworking project for

example test work working has 16 000

that you could do and then you make the

product and film it without talking the

third step is to add text on top of the

video so sometimes under they have the

text that says like put the screw in the

hole or whatever and the optional is

obviously to have voice over on top of

that but you don't have to because a lot

of people love hearing the sound of wood

nicking together hearing the sanding

block when i'm at home i love hearing

two pieces of wood smacked together

anyways if this is a niche that you want

to go with if it is congratulation this

is definitely something i'm going to do

in future so yeah so take that into

heart now i'm gonna show you niche

number two but i'm not gonna show you

that before you like the video if you

appreciate videos like this always help

me to get to 5 000 likes we need to get

to 5 000 likes that's the rule so the

second niche that i'm gonna show you is

the luxury niche now if you haven't

heard of the richest before they've

pretty much been around since 2014

and they cover the rich lifestyle the

luxury lifestyle and all of that now you

can see that they actually deleted about

63 million views the last 30 days but i

found that they're getting around 690

000 800 000 here so if you just put the

calculator up and let's say they're

getting 500 000 views each and every day

times 30 that's around 15 000 views

every month how much do you think that

they're making from these views about

people actually loving luxury items the

cpm of that is crazy high so they're

probably making around ten dollars per

thousand views so what that means is


thousand times ten around a hundred and

fifty thousand dollars per month that's

a ridiculously big amount of money just

from adsense alone now i'm going to show

you a monetization strategy and i'm also

going to show you a couple of different

channels now maybe you've seen this

before but the videos is kind of like

what it's like to be a billionaire in

brunei elon musk's 40k tesla ring what

it's like to be a billionaire in spain

the most expensive gadgets in the world

and all of these types of videos the

second channel i want to show you is


alex.com now they've also been around

for a while and they do pretty much the

same thing 5.5 million views the last 30

days here and as you can see 10 royals

who gave up their title 15 gifts rich

people one for christmas 15 ways to

explode your income next year 90 000

views the last days and they're focusing

on those rich luxury type lifestyle now

the next channel is king luxury they've

actually started in 2020 which makes me

extremely excited because that means

that you could have started in 2020 and

literally within a year so that's like

one year ago this you could make money

like this are you kidding me 2.3 million

views in the luxury niche now take a

look at the videos right here and it's

basically the most incredible homes in

the world a day in the life of saudi

king salman a day in the life of the

richest billionaires kids and the crazy

part about some of these videos is that

they're not even talking into the

microphone they don't have a script they

don't have a voiceover and that is

something you could do as well now the

product and there's obviously many

products that you can sell one of them

is called perpetual income 365. this is

brand new version 3.0 and you're gonna

make 345

dollars each and every sale now if i

click onto the sales page of this one

you can see that it looks like this how

ordinary people are manipulating the

secret algorithm perpetual income every

month and here they have a sales page


enter the name and email and then they

purchase and then they have upsells and

all of that jazz so is this something

you think that you could go into if you

didn't want to go into woodworking maybe

you want to go into the niche of luxury

where the system right here is to first

find luxury footage and you can actually

find that copyright free from ferrari

lamborghini you can find it from yacht

companies real estate agent companies

and just make sure that you post a link

in the description to the real estate

company or for example a luxury car

brand and they're not gonna care if you

take that footage then you write a

script you voice over that script you

edit a video and then you have a luxury

thumbnail and then obviously you publish

it's a very simple way for you to start

making a lot of money specifically

because it's in a very high cpm niche

meaning that you're gonna make higher

dollars per thousand clicks so is that

the one that you want to go with the

niche of luxury is definitely something

that i was thinking about in the early

days of my youtube career and niche

number three the last one and the

easiest for you to do

is going to be

the health niche so this is a gravity

transformation they're getting 13

million views the last 30 days and once

again this is another high cpm niche and

if you go into the videos you can see

that what they're talking about is

literally 10 things you should never do

at the gym

9 tips that will help your chest grow

literally a million views the last 10

days 10 simple exercises to lose love

handles oh my god look at the views on

this channel is absolutely ridiculous

right now the next channel i want to

show you is actually body hub this is

pretty much the easiest channel that

pretty much any of you guys could do and

it's getting 6 million views the last 30

days now check out this channel

as you can see just two cups of water a

day on an empty stomach and also i want

you to take a look at the actual footage

how they're actually making the youtube

video i ran 5k every day and this is

what happened i took creatine every day

after workout i stretched for 30 days to

increase my height you can see that is

literally stock footage with some text

on top of it that i could outsource for

five dollars a video like this is the

simplest content that anybody could

produce and get paid very handsomely and

what you might not know is that the

health market is the biggest in the

world when it comes to the consumers so

if i go on clickbank here and i

literally just click the search icon i

get every product on clickbank then i

rank them by gravity which means the

highest selling and you'll see that this

is an health offer this is an health

offer this one this one this one

literally the first five are health

offers and they don't pay out you know

thirty dollars they pay out you a

hundred and fifty four dollars hundred

and fifteen dollars hundred and seven

dollars and the list goes on isn't that

crazy you can sell one of these and make

over a hundred dollars each and every

sale as an affiliate and the products

that it will be and let's take a look at

the sales page right here is like these

supplement type of things so this seems

like it has a lot of unnatural herbs and

stuff like this in it and it looks like

it has some verified purchases and all

of that great stuff so now do you want

to go with a health niche where the

system is so simple that you literally

find health and workout tips you write a

script you voice over that script and

then you literally find stock footage

for example you can do it for free on

pixels.com pixabay.com or unsplash.com

you can get as many free stock footage

as you want you can just search for

health here and you can literally just

put it right into your video completely

copyright free now i want to ask you a

question do you want to do this do you

feel like you're able to either make a

niche in the woodworking maybe the

luxury maybe even the health or maybe

even a different niche because if you

really want to do this i have a very

special deal for you that ends on new

year's eve is it okay if i show you this

well i'm gonna introduce tube takeoff

3.0 the done for you edition now if you

haven't watched one of my last videos i

really encourage you to see everything

that you're gonna get i'm not gonna go

through how to select the best niche

generate content make eight times more

money through affiliate in the back end

and how to automate and scale now i have

a lot of these bonuses for you that i

put together that i'm basically gonna do

all of this for you but i wanna go

directly into the meat and potatoes so

the offer that we have right now is the

done with you or the done for you and

i've gotten so many of you that sent me

a ton of emails about this offer and one

of the things that you don't fully

understand is what is the difference

between the done with you and they've

done for you so if you just scroll a

little bit down you can see the

frequently asked questions and here we

have a lot of good information that i

just added what is the difference

between the done with you and the done

for you package well it's kind of like

this imagine we grow a tiny red apple

tree from a seed the tiny apple tree is

small and brittle i put wooden support

sticks around it so it goes straight i

water it i give it sunlight i pack it

with nutrient rich soil around the base

and i pick off any pests or worms making

holes through the leaves every day

one day the apple tree will start

producing delicious red apples that

gives the most satisfying crunch when

you bite into it and the taste is

dancing in your mouth once that happens

we send the apple tree to you so you can

produce delicious crunchy apples without

any of the hard work of growing it from


done for you we do the exact thing as

described above with it done with you

we'll give you all of the information

templates tools and systems to help you

every single step growing the seat from

scratch like i'm standing over your

shoulder telling you which buttons to

click and then a lot of people ask you

mention all the work will be done still

i like to ask how much time and effort

will be needed from my side if it's

needed at all well for the done for you

package i will set up the email the name

of the channel fill it with the logo and

header then we together select a niche

during week one i will consult you about

your preferred niche after this we will

set up a team to create videos for you

then we will start making the videos and

you and me will do quality inspection

and make sure the videos are good enough

we'll use some of the funds you've paid

to produce weekly videos for four to six

months depending on the cost slash niche

we'll also set up a backend funnel to

send out emails for you and make

affiliate sales so that's kind of what

it is and you won't get access to the

youtube channel before the done for you

period is over and that's because i need

to set up everything with my teams my

systems my everything that i know will

work that is proven to work with

previous youtube channels and then once

everything is done you will get access

to it and i will not get access to it

anymore so this is perfect for you as an

investment it's kind of like you say i

want to build this type of house and

then i build the house for you and then

you move into the house i encourage you

to continue reading through these

questions if you're serious about this i

only want serious people joining this so

this is for you if you love youtube as a

platform for growing your business but

you don't have all the time of making

the videos editing making all the

thumbnails making all the stuff yourself

you would rather have a team that does

everything for you and you're just a

manager on top of everybody making sure

that everything gets done making this

one of the best passive income

opportunities of the entire 2022 and

this is also for you if you believe in

me also that you believe that youtube is

one of the best platforms out there that

you can make income for the long term

and obviously this is not for everybody

it is a higher cost but the reason we

have a higher cost is because i can

provide you a lot more value and some of

you asked me why is there only 10 spots

available and that's basically because

it takes a huge time and effort

commitment on my part it's kind of like

i'm starting 10 new youtube channels

from scratch in 2022 building them all

up and then giving it to you the reason

i'm doing it at this price right now is

because my legacy is to create full time

creators my favorite people in the world

are creators and the satisfaction i get

from seeing somebody completely grow

from scratch to making a full-time

income is the best feeling i have in the

world i cannot promise that i'll ever do

the done for you package again

especially not at this price so if

you're interested go to 2takeoff.com

done for you and then scroll down here

and choose one of the packages done with

you or done for you the only catch is

that there's only about five spots left

this will sell out very quickly there's

only two days and 14 hours left until

midnight until the new years where the

new year starts so i can't promise that

these 10 spots won't be taken actually

before the timer is down so if you're

thinking about this right now and you're

serious about creating a faceless

youtube automation channel the next year

then you don't have much time left so

click here to lock in this exclusive

offer now alright that's all from me

take off tribe thank you so much and i

can't wait to work closely with you in

the new years

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