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Lines On Independence Day Speech for Kids In English

Lines On Independence Day Speech for Kids In English

Lines On Independence Day Speech for Kids In English

  • We honor our great freedom fighters in the national celebration of Independence Day.
  • This day teaches us the importance of patriotism and strengthens our Unity irrespective of any differences.
  • We remember all the struggles and sacrifices, which our ancestors did for the country India.
  • Schools and Colleges arrange different cultural programs with song and dance programs on patriotic songs.
  • A parade is arranged every year by our armed forces displaying our social, political, and economic powers in the global platforms.
  • Irrespective of any differences, Indians come together this day to celebrate Independence Day together.
  • We hoist our national flag and sing our national anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’
  • We show our gratefulness for being a part of an Independent country with speeches.
  • Every year, 15th August is a national celebration among the mass of Indians.
  • We encourage our youths to understand the significance of this day and encourage them to contribute to this country for its future wellness.

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