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What is the difference between men and women in shopping?

Shopping difference between men and women
Shopping difference between men and women

Although fundamentally human, there are many similarities and differences between men and women. The way men and women think is often different. Haven't you heard that a man can only do one thing at a time, but that women are good at multi-tasking? Shopping is one of the most striking differences between men and women.

Women are usually the ones who take the most time and buy exactly what they intend to buy. Women spend a lot of time (not everyone's) checking and scrutinizing the intended color, fabric, and stitching when buying clothes.

At the same time, many of the men are lazy in this regard. Many men often follow the custom of buying eye-catching clothes at a clothing store. A video of this 'phenomenon' in a very interesting way is now clickable on social media.

In the 12-second video posted on Twitter by Indian Forest Service official Susanda Nanda, the central character is two lions. The video shows a herd of wild donkeys running in a row. On the other hand, the fact that people coming for the safari are sitting in vehicles makes it clear that the scene is from some national park.

At the same time, you can see a lion lurking behind a cactus. It is clear that he is a lion because he does not have a sada. Sitting is like the animals choosing their prey from running in a row. But suddenly another lion climbs into the frame and suddenly catches a wild donkey. It is clear that this is the lion. Despite all this, the lioness is waiting for her perfect prey.

Many people have seen this video and agree that men's and women's shopping is almost like this.

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